Edible Giving helps you find organisations that you can donate food or your time to. Where you can donate or receive food is shown boldly on the map, and clicking a marker will bring up specific information about that place.

The information is managed by people within the organisations that are making use of donated food, this keeps it up-to-date and accurate. In some cases, locations have been added by Edible Giving volunteers, so that they are not missed from the website. If you are responsible for an organisation that is missing from Edible Giving, please get in touch so we can help you use the website.

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The History and Vision

I like food, it is yummy. I am privileged and sometimes I have food left over or can add an extra item to my shopping trolley without any qualms.

Can that food go to local people who need it, where and when can I donate the food? I know a few local charities, but if I'm away from home where do I give the food, and what if local details change? I wanted to solve this by creating a UK-wide or international map, and I wanted different organisations to be able to use their own systems to keep the shared map updated. Finally in March 2015 I made a start to this and created Edible Giving, we shall see where it goes. The website was created by Gregory Marler.